Answers to your questions.

  • Why is my computer running so slow

  • How do I stop the spam in my email inbox

  • My internet connection is so slow and sometimes doesn’t work.

  • How can I speed up my computer

  • Are updates necessary

  • What is a good anti-virus program

  • Why do not like some anti-virus programs

  • What should I look for in a good computer

  • Do you build computers

  • What laptops are good

  • How long should a modem last

  • Do I have to buy the HP cartridges

  • Windows keeps crashing. How can I get it fixed.

  • I get an error message when my computer starts, what should I do

  • The system will not boot up, is all my data lost

  • When I go on the web I do not get to the page I ask for, what is happening

  • I hear a screeching sound coming from my computer, what does it mean

  • My computer is 5 years old and I want it to go faster. What can I do

  • I can’t find my data and my icons are all missing

  • I get a message on the screen and it will not close

  • Message says I have a virus but I can buy a program to fix it.

  • Can I work on my office computer from home and be secure

  • I spilled my coffee on my keyboard, now what

  • I have no sound coming from my computer

  • There is no sound coming out of the speakers

  • Why do I need to back up my data

  • What is a backup drive

  • Is the cloud safe

  • What is the best monitor for the cheapest price

  • Why are computers always changing

  • How much do you charge

  • Do you guarantee your work

  • What if I pay you and the problems comes back

  • Do you give free phone advice

  • I need help with Word, will you teach me over the phone

  • I need a new computer but I don’t have any money, do you have any free ones

  • Do you take back the special order part you ordered for me but now I don’t need

  • Can you come right now because I really need my computer

  • Do you charge extra for week end onsite work

  • When do your charges start

  • Do you charge mileage or travel time

  • What does the black cable coming out of my computer do

  • I vacuumed out the inside of my computer and now it will not start

  • The cup holder is broken, can it be fixed

  • The instructions say press ANY key but I can’t find it

  • I want a web site do you do that

  • The web name I want is taken can you get it for me

  • Can I have more than one web name

  • How many email address can I have

  • Is a wireless computer faster than a wired computer

  • What is IP

  • What is a Server

  • What is a NIC

  • What is TCP/IP

  • Does a firewall get hot

  • What is a firewall

  • My computer reports the firewall has blocked an attack what do I do

  • My printer will not work

  • How do I install the printer on my computer if it is wireless

  • What is cloud printing

  • What is the cloud

  • My system is low on space what does this mean

  • How do I add memory to my computer

  • Why do I get a blue screen

  • What is safe mode

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